Beyoncé and Jay-Z dropping a new album as The Carters in the middle of their "On The Run II" tour was unexpected to say the least. However, it seems that there wasn't any worry when they were recording the actual project, even when they were still working on the album hours before it dropped.

In an interview with Billboard, producer duo Cool & Dre give their account of working with hip-hop's most powerful couple, who seem to be precisely the professionals that they make themselves out to be. 

"We were in London with them when the album dropped. JAY-Z and Beyonce are Golden State Warriors: they shoot half-court shorts, and it goes in," Dre says. "We spent three weeks in Paris recording, then we went to Cardiff for like a week. We got to London and knocked out two to three tracks [within] 10 days of finishing up the album. An hour and a half before showtime, Bey and Jay were still cutting up vocals. Three hours later it was released to the world. There are no rules when it comes to those two."

Cool & Dre produced three songs that ended up on Everything Is Love: "Summer," "713," "Black Effect," as well as the extra track, "SALUD!" They also put to rest rumors that Beyoncé didn't take part in the writing of her own songs. 

"She was 100 percent involved," said Dre. "She put her mind to the music and did her thing. If she had a melody idea, she came up with the words. If we had the words, she came up with the melody. She’s a beast."