Many tears of joy were shed when Beyoncé dropped her musical film BLACK IS KING on Disney+ a little over a week ago, but none were as touching as the young girl who went viral for crying at how beautiful the whole thing was. Being the amazing person that she is, Queen Bey went a step further to let the girl know just how much she appreciated the raw emotion in reaction to her latest work of art.

Beyoncé calls young fan brown skin girl Viral Crying Black Is King
Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

On surface level, BLACK IS KING is essentially a long-form music video created as a video anthology companion to Beyoncé's 2019 compilation album The Lion King: The Gift. However, the film on a deeper note touches on the greatness of Blackness and the strong values that many people of color should possess as they navigate through a life oftentimes filled with prejudice and racism. The girl in the video clearly felt this message strongly, so for Bey to recognize that and feel a need to reach out is truly heartwarming to say the least.

A family member of the young fan confirmed the call from Beyoncé via social media, which was then shared by the Lemonade singer's mom Tina Knowles-Lawson with a bit more backstory. "I posted A little girl crying soo hard after seeing Black Is King and saying it was so beautiful," Ms. Tina wrote, further adding, "Beyonce called her and talked to her ! She was so happy!!!!!! This movie of videos , especially “Brown Skin Girl”touched so many girls , and women as well!!’! I was so happy she thought to call her in Africa without me asking her."

Peep the sweet video below, and go watch BLACK IS KING on Disney+ if you haven't seen it yet or just want to rewatch for the umpteenth time.