Beyoncé's hustle should not be undersold. In fact, the legendary singer appears more active than ever before, having recently set Netflix ablaze with the surprise arrival of a Homecoming documentary and live album. While the move went appreciated by her legions of fans - a group that includes the ever-buzzing "beyhive" - many have come to cherish the "Formation Tour" as Beyonce's live magnum opus.

As such, the requests for a home media release of "Formation" has led to countless requests across Bey's social media platforms. Now, the singer has taken the opportunity to showcase a little bit of a mischevious side, as evidenced by her new merch line. 

Several t-shirts have been made available at her official website, all of which feature one prominent message: "Where is the FWT DVD?” Scrawled across the threads in graffiti fashion, the shirts seem to point to a sense of awareness, which bodes well for the hungry fans. After all, Beyonce is said to have an additional pair of Netflix specials in the stash. Perhaps the long-awaited "Formation World Tour" film shall finally come to fruition. Is that something you might be interested in? 

Buda Mendes/Getty Images