Nigeria is currently in the midst of a major crisis as protestors are taking the streets to #ENDSARS, a movement calling for the end of a special unit within the Nigerian Police Force with a long record of abuse and harassment. 

Celebrities are starting to speak out about the terrible events taking place in Africa, joining the movement to raise awareness against the Special Anti-Robbery Squad. Rihanna, Trey Songz, and many others have been vocal about what's going on, supporting the Nigerian youth as they fight against the government. 

As things have gotten extremely dangerous, with bullets being fired into a crowd of protestors last night, Beyoncé spoke out as part of #ENDSARS and, surprisingly enough, she was met with backlash for doing so. She claims that she has been working behind the scenes, collaborating with coalitions to provide emergency healthcare, food, and more. 

People have been picking apart Bey's message, letting her know that it's "not about food" and missing her point that she has been actively working to help where she can. 

Getting fed up with the constant scrutiny that her daughter faces for literally anything she does, Tina Knowles-Lawson chimed in to defend her against her critics.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

In a two-part post, Tina says that, because of personal issues in her family, she was only made aware of #ENDSARS last week but that, ever since, she's been spreading awareness about it. Then, she took aim at Beyoncé's critics.

"No matter what my daughter does she is scrutinized and torn apart," wrote Tina. "She Makes a record and uses all African artist, producers, writers. She is criticized because She didn’t get artist from every country in Africa there are 52 countries! Then she makes a film that by the way she doesn’t profit a penny off of, because she spent every penny in the budget on making something that celebrates our heritage! What profiting off of you did she do? She made art!! She is an artist! That is what artist do. She is not your political leader and not your whipping board."

What do you think of her lengthy posts about the situation in Nigeria?