One of the most anticipated tours this summer is Beyoncé's joint event with her husband Jay-Z, bringing back their On The Run Tour for a second edition. Of course, the duo was bound to make the concert as flashy as possible, pulling out all the stops to make it one of the most memorable music experiences for their fans. Taking a cue from Kanye West's Saint Pablo Tour set-up, Bey and Jay perform atop a floating stage for a portion of the show and now that it has officially kicked off, expectations are a little more clear for fans that are attending an upcoming show in their city.

Specifically, we know just how elaborate Beyoncé's wardrobe is. Not one to be upstaged by any of her peers, Yoncé is rocking many of her favorite designers, including some custom gear provided by luxury fashion house Gucci. The total of the singer's double-G'd up outfit is assumed to be over $4K, and that's only one of her get-ups for the show. With wardrobe changes scheduled throughout the set, one of Bey's looks features thigh-high boots with the classic Gucci monogram print, as well as a jacket from Dapper Dan's collaboration with the Italian brand. Her background dancers were decked out in the same boots, wearing matching tights to complete the ensemble. 

With several custom looks put together for the concert, Beyoncé is still getting comfortable as they have only completed one show. There are bound to be some changes before everything sticks. Check out some photos from last night on Page Six.