Whenever Beyoncé appears on a magazine cover, it's a momentous occasion. Her photo shoots are never short of magical and her new spread in Elle is no exception, which Bey conceptualized with her Lemonade collaborator and Queen & Slim director, Melina Matsoukas. The profile focuses on Beyoncé announces the return of IVY PARK, her athleisure company that she became the sole owner of last year. It was heavily reported when Beyoncé bought out the company to nudge out the British billionaire, who was her partner and faced accusations of sexual harassment. IVY PARK's new line will arrive on January 18th as a partnership with adidas.

The Elle piece reveals that IVY PARK will feature gender-neutral styles going forward, a decision which resulted from Bey seeing so many men rocking her previous collections. IVY PARK will also branch out to shoes, taking on some of adidas' silhouettes.

Several pieces from the new collection can be seen in the Elle spread - which are paired with high-end couture, like Gucci coats, in everyday spaces - but Beyoncé also took to Instagram to share a separate set of photos promoting IVY PARK's return. The IG posts show "IVY PARK" spelled out in Bey's beaded braids and also shining in her metallic grills.

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