Beyonce and Jay Z are like no other power couple. Yes, they've had their issues, yes Beyonce's sister attacked Jay Z in an elevator and yes, Beyonce created a chart-topping album on Jay hypothetically (?) cheating on her. Despite all that - and more that we may very well never know about - they have still managed to make it through and are celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary today. 

"For us, we chose to fight for our love. For our family. To give our kids a different outcome. To break that cycle for black men and women," Jay said a while back, adding that the key to working through difficult times is having "the tools to move forward."
"We were never a celebrity couple -- we were a couple that happened to be celebrities. We are real people," he said.
In light of being real people, who take really cute photos, we've rounded up some of the best snaps of Jay and Bey to celebrate their 10 years together from when they first fell "Crazy In Love."


Ya gotta love fan pages because they share some oldies but goodies. Here's a snap of the couple a year before they got married.


Two lovers in the city of love. 


Whoever got this shot deserves something, because this photo is like no other. 

Yellow & Mellow

All smiles when they're together. 

Issa Look

Candid garden shots for the win.

Ladies, you know that look.

Stage Love

A couple that works together stays together.

Black & White

That look tho.


The look that probably started it all.