The Beyonce-Jay-Z  OTR II tour stopped in New Jersey night, but not everything went according to plan. Just before the super-couple were expected to grace the stage at 10pm, a thunderstorm started clamoring down on the surrounding area. Concert-goers were instructed to seek shelter outside of the paladium, some less concerned with their safety than other I might add.

Several devoted members of the BeyHive voiced their displeasure with the evacuation procedure on social media as staff tried to weather the storm through telepathy. But in all seriousness, the waiting period lasted little over 30 minutes, at which point ticket holders were ushered back to their seats.

As you can see, the mood was dour until the ban was lifted. I don't want to make light of their derision. Concert tickets at large venues are rarely cost controlled, especially when you consider the stage setup and choreography that goes into a Jey-Bey performance, and total personnel. Add to the fact, concert-goers got rained on, and locating a passenger vehicle at MetLife Stadium isn't exactly a walk in the park.

Bey-Jey return to MetLife this evening for the second part of their double-header in East Rutherford. OTR II runs well into October.