It seems like there will always be rumors about Beyoncé's musical plans. For years, people have been speculating on what's happening with the artist. Ever since surprise drops became the norm for her, it's difficult to judge what she's been up to. However, the current rumor that she's working on a collaborative album with Kelly Rowland seems to be picking up steam for all the right reasons. We reported a few days ago that a mysterious Instagram page titled "Rose IV You" started teasing a new song with two very familiar voices: Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland. Now, the page is hinting at a possible music video but here's the real deal. It is now being followed by TIDAL, which many are seeing as a possible confirmation of the project.

Complex discovered that the "Rose IV You" page is now being followed by TIDAL, which is a pretty big sign considering the rumored project was simply that: a rumor. Since our initial report, the account has followed a few more pages. Rose IV You is now following Nicki Minaj, Netflix, and strangely enough, a fake Frank Ocean account. Perhaps this is teasing a few potential features?

This all looked a little strange at first but as time passes, it starts to seem more and more legitimate. Take a look at the teases below and let us know if you think this is all pointing to a collab album between the two members of Destiny's Child.