This isn't too surprising. Beyonce had big news to share with the world, and she spilled the beans in a way that she knew would send the Internet into gleeful madness, further exalting herself as the one celebrity deity who can do no wrong.

In front of an expertly curated backdrop of blooming flowers, Beyonce kneels in a bed of soft foliage. She wears just her undergarments and a see-through green veil, which hangs over her head and much of her body. She looks earnestly at the camera, and has both hands pressed against her bare tummy, which is obviously bearing a gift -- or rather, gifts -- to the world. She's pregnant, carrying not one but two future superstars, who could very well become the world's most famous twins. 

Arriving at a time when most headlines are disastrous, Beyonce's joyous news rang out across the world. In less than 10 hours, the Instagram photo with which she made the announcement became the social media platform's most-liked post of all time.

At the time of this writing, the photo has accumulated 8,317,154 likes. The previous record had been held by Selena Gomez, who has more followers than Bey. A photo of her sipping from a vintage Coke bottle currently has 6,337,358 likes. Memo to The Weeknd: Gomez might need your seed in order to get her record back. 

An array of artful pictures of Beyonce's naked pregnant body are currently available on her website