It feels as if the On The Run II tour began only recently, but as Bey reminded us, the show must come to an end.

The record-breaking tour has been the backdrop for a series of events that have occupied news headlines and our social media feeds. Billboard recently reported that the tour has grossed over $150 million to date, and is expected to earn $250 million before the final stop. This places the couple's tour at the number one spot on Billboard's "Hot Tours," ahead of artists like Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, and Justin Timberlake.

We've seen Beyonce defy gravity, shake off a stage-rushing audience member, potentially show loyalty to Nicki Minaj amidst her NYFW feud, and re-unite with former Destiny's Child member Letoya Lukett. Let's not forget the epic drop of Everything is Love.

One cannot mention the tour without recalling the artful performances delivered by the Carters. The tour has been labelled an immersive experience unlike any other; as Tom Rusmussen of The Independent articulately put it, "In this, the age of political and social disunity, the power of these icons squared is one which transported a whole crowd to another place, another temporality: one filled with power, and joy, and love, and brilliant black talent."