Apparently, Beyonce & the Beyhive are the only way to defeat Donald Trump. Not sure how that works but according to Bette Midler, and her math, there's more than enough Beyonce fans to take on Trump and his fanbase. Why they would take on the task of taking on a politician remains unclear but Midler was fantasizing about the almighty Beyhive mobilizing "to defeat" Trump and the MAGA clan.

"#Beyoncé has 133 million Instagram followers. More than double the people who voted for Trump. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the #BeyHive mobilized to defeat him? I also wouldn’t mind if a regular bee hive fucked his shit up," she wrote on Twitter. 

Midler, an elderly white woman, was immediately dragged through the dirt on Twitter, for several reasons. For one, Beyonce is a global superstar with a fanbase across the world. There's a good chance those 133M followers aren't all from America. Another reason is how a white woman is expecting a Black woman to fix a mess made by a large portion of America's white population. For three, she once said that "women are the n-words of the world" -- a ridiculous statement that she was forced into apologizing for. 

The issue was summed up properly by Bishop Talbert Swan who quoted Middler and shared some statistics. "53% of white women voted for Trump. Get your daughters, mamas, & grandmas together. 70% of white men voted for Trump. Get your lovers, husbands, sons, & granddads together. Wouldn’t it be amazing if wypipo mobilized to defeat this white supremacist?" He replied to her.

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