With the revival of so many beloved television shows lately, the sights have shifted towards another beloved sitcom that finished its run: Parks and Recreation.

While the show only ended a couple of years ago and provided plenty of closure for the characters and their fans, it seems that the people still want more. However, there's a catch. During an appearance on Ellen last week, Ellen Degeneres brought up the topic of Will & Grace to Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman, the two stars of Parks and Rec.

For those of you who didn't watch sitcoms in the early 2000's, Will & Grace was a popular sitcom that ended in 2006. However, it was recently brought back for a seventh and eighth season last year. One of the stars of Will & Grace is Megan Mullally, who is married to Nick Offerman in real life.

When asked if Parks and Rec could make a comeback like Will & Grace did, Offerman outlined the casts' condition for the return: Beyonce would have to play the mayor of Pawnee, the fictional town where they all work. They've gotten big name actors like Bull Murray to play the mayor before, but chances are that Beyonce is a bit too busy to star in an NBC sitcom.

Poehler does mention that the entire cast would be willing to do the show, if it came down to it. Please, Beyonce! You're our only hope of getting new episodes of Parks & Rec! Check out the interview with Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman below.