This past week, the internet was filled up with pictures of what celebrities dressed up for Halloween. We saw Lebron as Pennywise (which was terrifying, for the record), Chance the Rapper and his girl dressed as 2Pac and Jada and much more. The most intriguing one was Beyonce and Jay-Z dressing up as Lil Kim and The Notorious B.I.G. However, it seems that Beyonce's Halloween get-up didn't consist of one Lil Kim costume but several. It may be a few days after the spookiest day of the year but Beyonce posted a slide show of her homage to Lil Kim today.

Beyonce posted a slideshow of five different costumes she had on Halloween on her website, all paying homage to one of raps greatest first ladies. The costumes consisted of some of Lil Kim's most iconic outfits of all time. Everyone saw Bey as Lil Kim in Missy Elliot's "The Rain" music video when she was dressed up alongside HOV. She later dressed up as Lil Kim on the Manhattan File Magazine cover from 2001, detailed down to the blue hair and the Chanel logo on her bangs. The next get up was Beyonce in Lil Kim's Today's Blackwoman Magazine in 2000 with the blue fur and satin dress. The fourth costume was Lil Kim's iconic nude bodysuit/fur look from the 1999 Source Hip Hop Music Awards red carpet. Finally, Beyonce nailed the fishnet stalkings with short blond hair and neon green fur jacket from the "No Way Out Tour" in 1997.

Shortly after the images were posted on her Instagram, Lil Kim caught wind out it and was absolutely honored. She tweeted out of Beyonce's outfits. One with her get-up from Lil Kim's video, she said she was "still recovering from @Beyonce's slayage from Halloween and then this happens..." 

The slideshow on Beyonce's website was titled "Halloween 2017: Lil Kim Appreciation" with the byline reading, "Hip Hop would not be the same without our original Queen B."

It's been an eventful week for Lil Kim. Yesterday, she dropped off her latest single "Took Us A Break" and dropped the video for the single shortly after. She's also said to be featured on Remy Ma's upcoming single, so keep a look out for that.

Check Beyonce's flicks below: