Out of respect for Vanessa Bryant and her family, Beyoncé respectfully changed the lyrics to "one of Kobe’s favorite songs” during the memorial that was held Monday in honor of the late Laker great and his young daughter, Gianna.

Beyonce opened the memorial with a epic performance of a couple of Kobe’s favorite songs, “Halo” & “XO,” the latter of which saw Queen Bey changing up some lyrics out of respect. Swapping the line “and I’m crashing into you” with “and I’m laughing into you” and changing “you kill me boy XO” to “just kiss me boy XO,” Beyoncé respectfully swapped out the inappropriate & ill-timed lyrics and delivered another classic performance backed by an orchestra and chorus. It's pretty obvious as for why she chose to change the lyrics too with trigger words like "crashing" & "kill me," but it's just another example of Bey being the GOAT.

Kevork Djansezian/ Getty Images (Kobe's Memorial)

"I'm here because I love Kobe and this was one of his favorite songs, so I want to start that over, but I want us to do it all together and I want you to sing it so loud they hear your love,” Beyonce said before performing her records. After transitioning into a powerful rendition of "Halo," the superstar finished with the added line, "He will be your, she will be your halo," a reference to Kobe and Gianna.

Check out the performance (below) and sound off in the comments. RIP Kobe & Gigi.