Bhad Bhabie is tired of the "he say she say" where no one gets held accountable for idling threats. Even though, Bhad Bhabie appeared to make nice with DJ Akademiks last night during an IG live session, it was he that leaked footage of the teenage sensation reneging on her war of words with Tekashi 6ix9ine. During the IG live session, Bhad Bhabie made a few eyebrow-raising resolutions, notably her choice of Michael Jackson (RIP) and Tekashi 6ix9ine as the only artists she would do a feature for, this after weeks of trading shots. As far as the rumor of her sleeping with Trippie Redd goes, Bhad Bhabie placed the blame squarely on XXXTentacion for concocting a false narrative. Bhad Bhabie is obviously a better troll than we give her credit for.

DJ Akademiks posted concert footage 10 hours ago of Bhad Bhabie addressing the crowd during a concert. She starts off by ostensibly speaking to 6ix9ine in the 2nd person: "You made yourself look so fucking stupid." Sensing a moment for crowd interaction or documentation, Bhabie then bandied up her best material, touching on the irony of her position as a minor in an industry founded on adult content. Her words being: "Go find a little girl to play with, don't play with me."