First there was Baby, now we have Bhabie. For better or worse, the young rapper is here to stay, making her the first artist in hip-hop history to earn that coveted Dr. Phil co-sign. In truth, Bhad Bhabie has done her part to shed the "Cash Me Outside" infamy, proving that she's actually technically proficient; dare I say, perhaps her flow may even surpass some of her generational contemporaries. In any case, she's doing something right, as hundreds of thousands have bought into her cause. Now, with the introduction of her upcoming mixtape setting a tone, Bhad Bhabie has earned herself a decoration one cannot simply buy at IKEA.

Off the strength of her subdued banger "Gucci Flip Flops," Bhad Babie has officially landed a gold certification. The accomplishment marks her second gold plaque after "Hi Bitch," or as the censored RIAA website calls it, "Hi Bich." Though the haters will be merciless and vocal, I think it's fair to say that Bhad Bhabie has solidified her place, with a loyal fanbase willing to ride or die. 

Congrats to Bhad Bhabie for this one. Give credit where credit is due.