A beef between Bhad Bhabie and Iggy Azalea... how... interesting. Last night, Cardi Blaunched her line with Fashion Nova, which ended up selling out shortly after hitting the internet. Some pieces will be restocked for Black Friday but one of the major storylines coming out of the launch party was a fight that broke out between Bhad Bhabie and Iggy. The 15-year-old threw a drink in the Aussie's face before they took their issues online, calling each other out on social media.

Iggy struck first, saying that the entire situation is "too preschool" for her. She wasn't down to get into it with a teenage girl, but she happily followed up with a few more tweets. She came back a few hours later, writing, "Now y’all saw the video I’m sure you understand why I spent the rest of the night laughing and unbothered by that foolishness." 

Bhad Bhabie actually denied that there was any beef, but she's clearly being sarcastic. She updated her Instagram story to read, "I was just told it's not smart to beef wit no one that hasn't had a career since 2014." Yikes. She even said that she would send her a signed poster in the mail. On top of that, she congratulated her on getting a bag from the event because, in her words, she "certainly ain't making no money from music anymore."

Bhabie may be wrong with that last point. "Kream" actually did numbers on YouTube. Regardless, check out the latest exchanges below.