Logan Paul was put on blast by a good chunk of the internet yesterday after he shared a video of his visit to Japan's "suicide forest." While he and his crew roamed the woods, they came across a dead body of a man that hung himself. Aside from the fact that he broadcasted a dead body, him laughing towards the end of the video is what really set people off. 

Bhad Bhabie is one of the many who has shamed Logan and TMZ caught up with the young rapper where she calls him "disgusting." 

"Everything was kind of okay - it wasn't okay that he filmed it but I understood, he's a vlogger, her goes he vlogs that's what he does," she explains in the video below. She comments on the warning he posted at the beginning of the video, telling viewers that "suicide isn't a joke" and how he still manages to laugh. 

"I think that's kind of disgusting how you're going to sit there and say "oh depression's a sad thing" and go on this rant about it, and then you're guna just stop and start laughing...That's disgusting." 

The camera guy lets her know that Logan has apologized two times, but she doesn't seem to care very much.