Love is in the air for Bhad Bhabie, real name Danielle Bregoli, but not everyone is feeling her newly revealed romance. The 17-year-old star burst onto the entertainment scene following her meme-worthy appearance on Dr. Phil years ago, and since that time, Bregoli has been a controversial figure in the industry. She's amassed a social media following into the millions and her every move is scrutinized. She often says and does things to get under people's skin, but the teen has made a career out of doing whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

On Wednesday (October 28), Bhad Bhabie posted photos of herself with her mysterious boyfriend, and while the pair looked loved up, an Instagram user commented that "he looks a bit old." This caused many people to begin discussing the man's age so Bregoli decided to jump in with her two cents.

"He's 20 i'm 17... ain't nothing wrong with 3 years so relax," she wrote. To another person, Bregoli quipped, "Half y'all mommas b 35 and y'all daddy's b 50 so stfu." People have been debating if a 20-year-old should date a 17-year-old, and it seems to have the public divided. Do you think this three-year age difference is a big deal or are people overreacting?