While most rappers may want to drop big bucks on grillz that mask their teeth in diamonds, gold, and other jewels, Bhad Bhabie just wants a more beautiful smile. The "Gucci Flip Flops" rapper is putting her money where her mouth is. Literally. The young rapper spent 2017 blessing the world with new music, touring, and building her fan base. Although she still has a long way to go, Bhabie deserves to bask in her success and wealth. According to TMZ, Bhabie was unsatisfied with her teeth. Crowding on the bottom row was unattractive to the rapper, so she decided to drop $40,000 on a shiny new set of teeth. If she was unsure about her smile before, there's nothing holding her back now.

The forty grand went to bleach white porcelain veneers that really make Bhabie's face shine. She went to renowned dentist Dr. Aamir Wahab in Beverly Hills to get the procedure completed. It took two 4 hour sessions, which were completed on Thursday. She got 8 top teeth and 8 bottom teeth done in the porcelain veneers, which are used to conceal discolored or chipped teeth. Now that Bhabie has new teeth, maybe she'll grace fans with some new music in 2019.