Bhad Bhabie Is On The Lam In New "Both Of Em" Visuals

Mitch Findlay
January 04, 2018 16:43

Bhad Bhabie's ducking the cops in her new visuals.

While you sleep, the power of Bhad Bhabie continues to grow, Cthulhu-esque, until she reaches nigh-unstoppable levels. Today, the rise continues with the release of her new video "Both Of Em." The clip, which features some solid cinematography, is basically Thelma & Louise on a solo tip, with Bregoli channeling her inner GTA fantasies. She's pretty savage for a fourteen year old - by the video's conclusion, she has dragged a dead body into a trunk, gone on a high speed police chase, and skated without consequence. Obviously, there's some suspension of disbelief to be had, but as a concept, it works.

Bhad Bhabie may have her share of haters, but she shows no signs of slowing down. With talks of a mixtape in her future, Bregoli seems intent on seriously pursuing hip-hop, and to be honest, she has some potential. Provided she can keep level headed, there's a strong chance she might prove more than a simple flash in the pan. 

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