Bhad Bhabie is on the "f*ck Russ" team. She might not yell the slogan for all to hear, but she has made her dislike for her fellow rapper quite clear. Despite Russ' accomplishments, including his slot on the Forbes' List of highest-paid Hip Hop acts, the newcomer says he is a "nobody."

According to Bhabie, Russ has no place criticizing other music industry figures. She took aim at him when prompted to give her opinion about the guy during a radio interview. She engaged in a game called "Fire or Poop." When Russ came up, she chose "poop."

"He went after so many f*cking people, bro. He said all that sh*t about what producer ain't have no lasting and all that... don't make no lasting...B*tch, you made a T-Pain remix. Get the f*ck out of here...He's nobody to be talking."

The female rapper got hyped as she recalled the day Smokepurpp got jumped by Russ' crew. 

"What's so crazy is, the day all sh*t happened, Purpp was supposed to go on right before me. And he didn't go on, because that whole shit happened."

Her mom was the one who alerted the teen sensation about the fight. She reached out to Purpp in concern.

"I texted him like, 'Are you okay? I heard you got your *ss beat.'"