A few months back reports were swirling that Bhad Bhabie was working on a 12-episode docu-series that would be streamed exclusively on Snapchat. "Bringing Up Bhabie" is set to focus on her personal life as well as her rap career to get a more honed inlook of the 15-year-old's life. The rumours have proven to be true since TMZcaught up with the "Hi Bich" rapper as she was leaving the Valley Inn Restaurant in Sherman Oaks and was filming her show at the location.

Bhad, born Danielle Bregoli, told paparazzi that her series is simply going to document "a day in the life." She also detailed how Facebook has dropped off and Snapchat and Instagram are more relevant platforms, although she still uses Facebook every now and then. "I feel like Facebook was that generation before us and Instagram is our generation," she said. "I grew up with Facebook, I remember putting the fake birthday because they wouldn't let you go on."

Maybe Bhad and her team first approached Facebook for her series to be aired on and got a swift no, where Snapchat came in and picked up the project. Either way, the show is currently being filmed still without a Snapchat premiere date but keep it locked on the site for more updates.