Bhad Bhabie knows her worth. She's aware that she went from a meme to a success story, banking millions of dollars from her rap career and her make-up sponsorships. She's partnered with some of the top brands, has a reality show, performs for thousands of fans on the regular, and she's still growing both literally and figuratively. The 16-year-old has been caught up in her fair share of dramatic affairs but she tends to seek them out, engaging in feuds with Woah Vicky and others. When her name got brought up on a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience with Tony Hinchcliffe, the star just had to speak up, thanking them for the mention but coming through with the harsh reality.

Speaking on all of her accolades, Joe Rogan gave the teenage sensation her due props, iterating to Tony that she's definitely got her head screwed on right. The comedian and writer co-signed Rogan's sentiment, admitting that he actually likes Bhad Bhabie's most recent mixtape. Bhabie's response is definitely on-brand. 

"Ur right, thank u," wrote the rapper on social media, sharing the video to her millions of fans. "I still think ur movies suck though. knocked up was trash," she added, just needing to be a little dramatic. Perhaps she's still too young to know the difference between Joe Rogan and Seth Rogen... Couldn't have just kept it to a simple "thank you," eh?