Bhad Bhabie "These Heaux" Video

Matt F
August 30, 2017 16:35

Danielle Bregoli throws some shade in the music video for "These Heaux."

Not long ago, we shared the debut single from Danielle Bregoli, known better as the "Cash Me Outside" girl, called "These Heaux." Having re-christened herself Bhad Bhabie, the 14-year-old has now dropped the music video for her hot new track and, as one might expect, it's just as mind-blowingly decent as the song is.

Now, for those who didn't want to give her song a chance because of her daytime TV reputation or her relative lack of experience, which could make the record as a whole seem like a cash grab, then you're not going to find much to enjoy here either. However, those with more open minds will find that there's a good dose of sweeping cinematography to go along with Bregoli's undeniable natural ability in front of the camera. Standing on top of an apartment building while the dusk sky pulsates different colors behind her, the beat goes hard and the end result is catchy and shows that the young woman has at least a little bit of promise as a rapper.

Then there's the topic of shade-throwing, which this video has in no small amount. There's an obvious call out to Kylie Jenner and anyone who's using their jealousy to propel them to and through a life of fame and fortune. Although that's the very same argument that one could use to frame Bregoli's entertainment career thus far, the sequence is played up for humor and it works well. There's also a crowd of anger protesters who are picketing the youngster, holding signs like "Mothers Against Bhad Bhabie." Bad influence or not, it's clear that Bregoli's rap career is off to a fine start. With the reaction on YouTube and social media being surprisingly positive at the time of this writing, there's no telling how far up the ladder Bhabie will climb in the hip-hop world.

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