Travis Scott, Maroon 5 and Big Boi were this year's Super Bowl headliners sparking quite the controversy among many hip hop heads considering the issues with the NFL and Colin Kaepernick. While each act clearly had their reasons for the move, Big Boi recently spoke out defending his choice to work with the NFL on his recent visit to Ebro in the Morning. 

In the clip below, Big Boi explains how people who protest against the NFL do it in a selective, unauthentic manner. You'll have people who want to boycott the games yet make bets and play fantasy football. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"How you going to protest, and you're still participating?" Big Boi asked. "If Julian Edelman was the only motherfucker out there running routes, and it was no black players on the field, ain't no way in hell I would've performed at the Super Bowl. But the city was there, everybody was there. You can't just pick and choose and be selective. You're either all in or you're all out ... I'mma think for myself and I'mma do what I know what I wanna do. And do what's right for me and my people."

He added: "You can't [be] selective and do a protest when it's convenient for you."

Watch the NFL chat at the eight-minute mark below.