Even those unfamiliar with hip-hop history on a scholarly level no doubt remain aware of several Big Daddy Kane-isms, from the iconic "come get some, you little bum," to the infectious refrain of "warm it up Kane, warm it up Kane!" A living legend through and through, Kane hit up Funkmaster Flex's Hot 97 show to prove that the art of rap never stumbles with time. Funk Flex keeps the stank face plastered on throughout, seeming to marvel at the hip-hop forefather's youthful exuberance. 

"I call you and your men out, stay in your place," raps Kane, "ya'll cats doing spinouts, to stay in the race, but it ain't the case of who's right or wrong, it's who's light or strong, your check engine light in on." After proving that lyrical dexterity doesn't expire, Kane turns to Flex to address those prone to age-shaming. "There's always some A-hole, that like to look at us and say 'but they old," he raps, turning to Flex. "They ain't pullin numbers like J. Soul, but I'm tryin' to reach the K.O.D - J. Cole."

Flex signs off with an impassioned, vocal-chord searing proclamation of warning. "Nobody don't want no smoke!" he cries, neck veins-a-bulging. Peep the entire freestyle session below, and pay homage to one of the greats in action.