Big Sean is one of the artists who has grown a lot over the years when it comes to his art. His latest project was a huge triumph for Detroit hip-hop and he currently has millions of adoring fans who are always waiting to hear his next move. However, Sean also has his fair share of haters who have no issue criticizing him on social media when they see the right opportunity. 

For instance, a Twitter user by the name of @jaidvn recently replied to a thread which asked why Big Sean is the worst rapper out there. His response featured the lyrics "I'm Quagmire, I fuck hoes, my cashflow I "Giggity-get" it" Surprisingly, Big Sean saw the tweet in question and immediately replied with a lengthy paragraph.

Big Sean

Jim Spellman/Getty Images

"I'm surprised u even remember stuff I did over a decade ago, especially if u didn't like it lol," Sean wrote. "Love man, I out grew that line n a lot of my old stuff myself too, but I have also gone platinum like 50 times after that lol. I pray u live out ya dreams like I have fasho."

Jaidan wasn't fazed by Big Sean's response as they screenshotted the interaction and immediately began to post other questionable Big Sean bars. As you can see in the thread below, this prompted Sean to block the Twitter user, altogether.

While Sean certainly didn't appreciate this experience, we're sure the Twitter user feels much differently as this is going to be one of those stories you can't wait to tell your friends about.