Big Sean and Jhené Aiko have been known to get a little freaky in the Instagram comment section... especially Jhené. The couple took things down a notch this time, having a rather cute debate over alcohol and if everybody is allergic to it or not. The exchange started out with the singer and songwriter asking her fans on Instagram if, since her face swells up when she drinks booze, she may be allergic to alcohol. The question is valid, going to her fans, among one must be a doctor or nurse, for the answers to her inquiries. 

Her boyfriend Big Sean chimed in on the situation, writing, "I think everyone [is] allergic to alcohol." Sean has a point here. No matter how the good stuff is packaged, it contains ethanol of which the molecules are so minuscule that they pass in between your brain cells, causing you to feel intoxicated. If you think of the reasoning and science behind getting drunk, Sean Don is partly correct that we are all allergic to alcohol. Being the good partner that he is, the Detroit rapper followed up his comment by saying how beautiful she looks, swollen face and all. 

View their interaction below and let us know where you stand on the issue. Are we all allergic to alcohol or is it only a select few of us.