Big Sean is set to be releasing his long-awaited album, though we have yet to receive a release date. Coming off a meeting of the minds with Jay-Z and Jay Brown at Roc Nation headquarters, Sean wasted little time in getting back on the grind. Taking to Instagram, he documented a recent studio session involving none other than the legendary Nas

Nas New Album

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

In visibly jovial spirits, Sean made sure to drop a bomb on us, secrecy be damned. "By the way Nas gonna drop a new album," laughs Sean, centering the camera on the Queensbridge legend. "I'm putting Nas on blast right now." Nas, ever the good sport, continues to tease the announcement. "It be something like that," he says. "It's kinda hard to replace me, man."

Though playing Instagram Detective is seldom wise, another piece of Sean Don's story indicates that he just bodied a twelve-hour studio session. Given Nas' involvement, it might be fair to surmise that the pair were cooking something up. Whether it's for Big Sean's upcoming album, or this recently unveiled Nasir follow-up remains to be seen. Check out the clip, as captured by HHNM, or check out Sean's IG story while you still can.