Memorial Day is when you're supposed to take the time to thank those who have served in the military for their service, and remember those who lost their lives in the line of duty. For the older generations, World War II had huge numbers of people volunteering or being conscripted into service. One such person was Mildred Virginia Leonard, the grandmother of Detroit rapper, Big Sean

Since today is Memorial Day, Big Sean decided to go to his Instagram, and share a touching tribute to his grandmother, who had broken boundaries in the military. According to Sean, Mildred was one of the first black woman captains in the U.S. military, and served as a songwriting inspiration for him. 

In the caption, he wrote, "Grandma you were a true legend, an American hero, black history at its finest. ONE OF THE FIRST FEMALE BLACK CAPTAINS IN WORLD WAR II. I wrote One Man Can Change The World about you because that’s what you taught me, told me and showed me. Your blood runs through my veins so you’re still here far as I’m concerened! Happy Memorial to all the Veterans n RIP Mildred Virginia Leonard ❤️."

The photos include several sepia toned pictures of Mildred as a young woman in her military uniform, but also include some sweet photos of the two of them together: one where Sean was a crying baby, and the other more recent. On this photo, Sean writes "The last pic w/ my love."

Big Sean clearly loves his grandma, and it was a very sweet gesture to make this post and share her accomplishments with the world. See Big Sean's tribute to his grandmother below.