Social media has become such a normalized part of an artist's marketing, it's easy to fall into the trap of overanalysis. We're all good and familiar with the classic "Instagram purge" tactic, which finds an artist clearing the archives for a square-one reset; this practice is best suited for impending album rollouts, as history has showcased. Yet Sean has not taken such a drastic route, opting to return to the platform on a subtle note.

Earlier today, the Detroit rapper dropped off a pair of posts, providing somewhat of an update about his current moves. Unfortunately, neither of them seem to point to any new music, unless you count the return to Instagram as a moment of foreshadowing. As for Sean's status, it would appear he's continuing his with philanthropic endeavors, using his foundation to kick off a "Moguls in the making" initiative at HBCU. His second post is of a markedly different nature, in which Sean Don basically stunts in what looks to be a Dubai adventure.

Considering we last hear from Sean on September 17th, his return is indeed welcome. Of course, we mustn't make the mistake of overanalyzing his social media practices, though let's be honest: we're about due for a new Big Sean project.