It seems like mere hours ago that Big Sean was breaking the news that yes, he had indeed finished recording his anticipated Detroit 2 album. Immediately, fans began reflecting on the rapper's legacy and the role his upcoming project might play in defining it. Seeing as we last say Big Sean with 2017's I Decided, there remains plenty of ground to cover for the acclaimed lyricist. And now, we have a definitive date and time for the big release.

Big Sean Detroit 2

Richard Bord/Getty Images 

Taking to Instagram to break the news, Sean Don confirmed that Detroit 2 would be arriving in full on September 4th, sooner than we might have anticipated given how quickly he finished the tracking stages. Still, in this current era, the turnaround time for albums has never been faster, and it's clear that Sean is ready to move on the momentum he's built over the past few months. He also took a moment to share the project's album artwork, a simple yet visually striking image; check it out below.

As of now, we have yet to receive word on a tracklist, nor whether Sean will be tapping in with some heavy hitters. Yet given his prestige and previously collaboration record, it wouldn't be surprising to see a few big names hopping aboard. Either way, it's likely we'll get an update or two in the coming weeks, so hold steady until Detroit 2 lands on September 4th. Are you planning on checking this one out?