Kanye West may not show up on Big Sean's latest album, but he is still a fan of what his GOOD Music teammate is doing. In a recent interview, Sean revealed Ye's thoughts about Hall Of Fame, including the legendary rapper's favorite track from the album.

“He was jamming to it, he was proud of it,” said Sean. “There’s always some things that we may disagree on, but as an artist, you just gotta roll with what you wanna roll with. He definitely respects that and supports me and I support him.”

The GOOD rapper revelaed that Yeezy's favorite track from HOF was actually one of the first ones recorded. “Kanye’s favorite song was definitely ‘Mona Lisa,’” he said, revealing that he almost lost interest in the song until Ye gave his approval. “He was the one who reminded me how good that song was. He really loves the beat and the words too.”

Sean said that he and Kanye actually did record a track together for the album, but because of it's stylistic similarity to "Fire," he decided to hold onto it. “We did have a song, but I’m probably gonna save it for my next one ’cause it wasn’t really necessary for this one.”

Another surprisingly absent feature from the project was fellow Detroit emcee Eminem. “It was supposed to have been done by now, but it’s not all the way done." the rapper said of his track with Em, but stressed that it would come eventually. "Like I said, you’ll get it, man.”

Big Sean is on tour with Kid Cudi currently, but he revealed big plans for a headlining “Hall of Fame” tour to follow. “I can guarantee that when I do go on my headlining tour, it’s gonna be a great show!"

Watch the full interview below.