The Detroit don Big Sean is one of the most skilled rappers to ever come out of his city. He has a knack for crafting some of the most memorable bars, dropping punchlines as if they come naturally to him and standing out on records with legendary figures over the years. Despite his recent musical inactivity, Sean is pedaling ahead on his next album, titled Don Life. The release of the project has not been confirmed yet but, given the ferocity of the one-off singles he's dropped, you know he's coming with that fire. In a similar vein, the rapper was a guest on the popular video series Hot Ones where he tested his ability to handle spice, answering some fiery questions as he simultaneously chowed down on spicy wings. 

Speaking about his bond with Kanye West, Big Sean gave the Chicago legend props and detailed his experience recording at the Wyoming ranch.

"I definitely like the alpacas out there. The cool alpacas and donkeys running around," said Sean before touching on the tank-like vehicles that Kanye was seen handing out Yeezy sneakers in during a trip to the Chi.

"So, it's like this tank that he has. It goes on water so you can go in the water and it's crazy. It's like some military type vibes," he described.

Don goes on to say that, no matter what happens between him and Kanye, he will always consider the man a brother. Watch the full episode below and fast-forward to 10:16 to hear about the tank.