Nearly two full years following the death of Nipsey Hussle, the Los Angeles rapper's presence is still sorely missed by Hip-Hop fans and artists alike. As with any passing of a public figure, many people have speculated that Nip's death was part of a conspiracy. While the most popular conspiracy theory surrounding the Victory Lap artist's passing involves his ties to Dr. Sebi and Big Pharm, there has been a long-running rumor that Eugene "Big U" Henley, Nipsey's former manager, allegedly orchestrated his murder. Now, the founder and Executive Director of nonprofit Developing Options has stopped by Drink Champs to finally clear the air about those rumors.

In the Drink Champs interview, N.O.R.E. revealed that he hadn't even heard about Big U's rumored involvement in Nipsey Hussle's death before asking him to elaborate on the accusations.

"We ain't got no beef. Period," Big U explained. "We never stopped talking. All the way up until he signed the deal with Atlantic Records, he called me and said 'Unc, let's go. Where the f*** is the beef at?"

"I'm in the f****** video for "Ain't No Rap N*****," he continued. "I am the n**** who's promoting Victory Lap on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. All these weirdos that just became Nipsey Hussle fans, they weren't promoting that! So where are these rumors coming from? It's n**** using his name and his death to make some money."

"And the rest of the ignorant people [are] falling for that. How you gone have that and got a man in jail, and be like 'Oh it's a conspiracy?'" Big U said, visibly irritated with the rumors.

For the full conversation, you can check out the entire Big U Drink Champs episode below.