The mind behind Hip Hop Uncovered, Eugene "Big U" Henley has been running some press to speak about his latest business endeavors. A legendary man in music and one of the most notorious street presences, former Crips leader Big U linked up with Bimmy Antney at The Breakfast Club to touch on the street influence in hip-hop, documenting the culture, and more. When speaking about why young rappers should be connecting more with OGs, Big U touched on Quando Rondo's specific situation, revealing that the Georgia-based artist reached out to him a few days ago.

Quando Rondo, who reps Crip, has been making all kinds of headlines for the last few months because of his involvement in King Von's murder. The rapper reportedly got into an altercation with Von in an Atlanta nightclub's parking lot before shots were fired, leading to Von's death. While Quando was not charged with any crimes, he is still facing a lot of heat for the situation, and according to Big U, he tried to get the legend's help in the last week before he was turned down.

Speaking about how young artists often don't think to connect with OGs when they're moving around different hoods, Big U said, "They got your number, they know who you is, but they feel like they bigger than the program. You got a lot of dudes that claim my neighborhood that's in this music sh*t but they don't really f*ck with us until it's a problem, and then they call us. Like Quando Rondo. I just showed Envy, like, you can't call me now. You can't call me when the fire hot. You didn't f*ck with me before that. You had my number, you could have called me, you could have did all that. He was around and about but how does that feel to me and how does that feel to our team?"

Watch the full interview with Eugene "Big U" Henley and Bimmy Antney below.