What's beef?

Well, whatever it is, it sure has changed over the years. Beef is what ultimately lead to the murders of two contenders for 'best rapper ever.' In 2015, beef consists mostly of Twitter smack-talk and occasionally a diss track or two.

It must say something when the hardest diss tracks of the year have come from the hands of Drake. Through out the petty, little beefs, we didn't hear a whole ton of #shotsfired, so to speak. Instead, we had Instagram videos and the occasional too-long hashtags to look at. It even inspired us to make a list of diss tracks that we want to hear. 

All in all, we're happy that beef isn't taken too seriously these days. We don't want to see any rappers die, and if that means rap beef is just Twitter beef, then so be it. At any rate, here are the biggest tiffs of the year.