In a few days, Netflix will be unveiling their brand new documentary, Biggie: I Got A Story To Tell surrounding the life and times of The Notorious B.I.G. It's already received praise from a few critics with fans of the Brooklyn rapper excited to check this one out, too. Ahead of its release, Damian “D-Roc” Butler, a close friend of Biggie who was in the vehicle the night the rapper died, sat down with PageSix where he divulged on some old tales about the late MC.

 Tim Mosenfelder/ImageDirect/Getty Images

Biggie's past as a hustler is no secret, especially to those familiar with his story. D-Roc recounted a time when Biggie left a plate of crack on the windowsill of his bedroom where his mother, Voletta Wallace, discovered it. She tidied up the room and threw the plate out which she thought was actually a plate of hardened mashed potatoes.

"Then we came back in (and) she’d cleaned the room," he explained. "She was like, ‘Yo, you can’t leave dirty dishes lying around, hard mashed potatoes on the plate.’ Me and him both looked at each other like, ‘Oh s–t, she just threw it away.’”

They still found the product in the trash can and managed to get it off. "We pulled it out of the garbage can with barbecue sauce on it and everything but we still got rid of it," D-Roc added.

Netflix's Biggie: I Got A Story To Tell arrives on March 1st.