BigQuint "Kids See Ghosts" HNHH First Reaction

Rose Lilah
June 12, 2018 17:54

BigQuint x HNHH team up for a "First Reaction" single series. Watch our debut episode!!

BigQuint Indeed, also just known as BigQuint, has a big personality, and he's become known on YouTube for his full-body-moving first reaction takes to hip-hop and r'n'b's latest. We're teaming up with him for a full series of single reactions, fresh off the pages of HNHH website, and on to YouTube. 

For the series we launch, we look to Kanye West and Kid Cudi's much-lauded (already) "Kids See Ghosts" album. The title track, to be specific.

If somehow you too have yet to hear the new song, you can listen to it in full here.

Quint will not only offer his genuine, typically endearing, reaction to any given single, he will offer his genuine (and possibly not-endearing, depending what the comment is) reaction to a few choice comments on the HNHH website. So shout out our friends who were mentioned in this week's inaugural episode-- their comments are listed below.

Finally, he closes the video with his very own HNHH rating-- which may or may not differ from the editors' and users' rating. Comment with your own rating and thoughts below. 

You never know what song we will do next, so be sure to get all up in those song pages comments if you want to hear back from BigQuint personally!!

Read our interview with BigQuint (from 2017) here.

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