If there’s anyone you wouldn’t want to be today besides Antonio Brown, it’s the reporter who has to ask Bill Belichick about the situation. CBS Sports reporter Dana Jacobson is the journalist tasked with that challenge. She approached the situation fairly enough saying, “I think I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask- what was the final straw with Antonio Brown?” Belichick had no remorse with his response, however, giving his classic football-focused answer, “We're focused on the Jets today.” 

Some feel that his pause at the end of the clip is a death stare at the reporter, but perhaps that’s just him politely waiting for more questions. Belichick’s reputation would lead one to believe it was death stare. Fans took to Twitter to comment on the moment. 

One fan wrote, “Confirmed: Bill Belichick is an asshole,” followed by, “To be clear, it’s not the non-answer that’s the problem here. It’s the stare after she thanks him and his inability to say anything in return that makes him an asshole.” Another said, “DAYUM!!!! Bill Belichick just SUCKED THE SOUL out of Dana Jacobson with that stare after that Antonio Brown question!!” 

Antonio Brown was cut by the Patriots earlier this week, but just this morning, went on a Twitter tirade calling out Robert Kraft, Ben Roethlisberger and Shannon Sharpe.