Bill Clinton and James Patterson have co-wrote a novel titled The President is Missing, and are embarking on a press tour to hawk their joint literary endeavour. The former politician and best-selling author sat down with Craig Melvin, who began to cycle through some salient topics regarding his two famous interviewees. 

Melvin decided to bring up the #MeToo movement that has gained traction in the recent months following the explosive admissions and allegations aimed squarely at Harvey Weinstein. The television journalist asked Clinton whether or not he agreed with the movement, before directly addressing his affair with Monica Lewinsky and whether or not he feels more guilt for his actions. 

Clinton admits that he felt "terrible then" before noting how he left the White House $16 million in debt as a result of the scandal and its legal ramifications. He then points out how the media has continually ignored "gaping facts" in the story, including his history of working with women in a variety of professional atmospheres without any foul play. 

Elsewhere, Clinton reveals how he has never personally apologized to Lewinsky, believing that his public concessions were sufficient enough. Peep a snippet of their conversation below: