Bill Cosby will be stepping outside of his prison cell today to head to court in Pennsylvania in an attempt to get his sexual assault conviction overturned. According to Reuters, Cosby's team is making the move since they believe the past judge who convicted the disgraced actor deprived him of a fair trial and committed errors.  

David Maialetti-Pool/Getty Images

The hearing will be before a three-judge panel and each side will get 15 minutes to share their case and the time limit includes any questions the judge may ask. The judges are under no pressure to issue a decision the day of the trail and there is no set date for when their answer is due. If they decide to not drop Cosby's conviction, the actor will remain in prison for his three to ten-year sentence while his lawyers try their efforts at persuading the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to hear his appeal. 

“Given the current political and social climate, one cannot imagine more prejudicial testimony to incite an emotional reaction by a jury than to parade a stream of other women accusing Cosby of having inappropriate sexual contact with them,” defense lawyers wrote in court papers.