In an unexpected turn of events, Bill Cosby was announced as a free man. The 83-year-old comedian was released from prison last week and it appears he already has plans to connect with his supporters in person and tell his story. His rep revealed that the comedian was preparing to hit the road over the weekend. Per TMZ, he's already found promoters and venues across the country that are interested in hosting Cosby. As Cosby's rep, Andrew Wyatt, put it: "The world wants to see Mr. Cosby."

Rob Loud/Getty Images

Cosby's plans for touring aren't limited to his comedic chops. He's reportedly also planning to make appearances at schools, prisons, and neighborhoods to discuss being "better citizens and curbing violence," per the tabloid publication. Wyatt said that the speaking tours were inspired by conversations he had with other inmates behind bars.

In addition to the comedy tour, Wyatt said that Cosby was also preparing a five-part docuseries exploring his life, legacy, and his recent prison stint. So far, producers have already locked in interviews with friends, family, and associates of Bill Cosby. He's also working on a novel with Frederick Williams which focuses on his experiences with the justice system in his recent criminal trial and his time behind bars.

Cosby's public appearances alone can earn him thousands of dollars in the future.