Bill Cosby's trial has been filled with drama since the very start as a large number of women spoke out about the actor's sexual misconduct over the years. Conspiracy theories went around about the situation as the once-extremely famous television personality was shunned by the general public. When he was found guilty on every count of sexual assault in today's retrial, a collective sigh of relief was heard around the world as the accusations against him continued to pile up. Cosby has been ordered to remain in his home until sentencing according to TMZ but his prosecutors were allegedly pushing for him to be kept in custody.

Following the conviction, the prosecutor was apparently concerned that Bill Cosby would flee on his private plane, resulting in them asking if he could be taken into custody immediately. Cosby was none too pleased about this as he reportedly went on an "expletive-laden tirade" against them, at one point yelling "He doesn't have a private plane, you asshole!" Although the lash-out was not captured on camera, it has been confirmed by multiple sources who were in attendance. 

The 80-year-old is currently facing up to ten years in prison for his crimes. The guilty verdict comes after his following trial ended in a mistrial.