A new mugshot photo of Bill Cosby is circulating across the internet and people are remarking how "creepy" the disgraced comedian looks because of his smile.

In previous mugshots, the convicted sex offender did not look pleased, which is totally understandable. The actor looked depressed and ashamed to have been caught. 

It looks like his mindset is possibly turning around because, this week, in a new picture, Cosby pops up with a smile.

Still, he can't bring himself to look at the camera, keeping his gaze at the floor, but Cosby grins in a closed-mouth smile with a face mask around his neck. 

Officials at the State Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania, where Cosby is currently placed, claim that inmates often get new mugshots taken as their appearance changes. Cosby was apparently due for one.

Montgomery County Correctional Facility via Getty Images

Bill Cosby's crimes remain a major topic of conversation in pop culture. This month, Phylicia Rashad suggested that Cosby could have been set up, insinuating that he is a victim of false accusations. Lenny Kravitz, Lisa Bonet's ex-husband, also revealed in his memoir that Bonet was kicked off one of Cosby's shows for being pregnant.

Take a look at the new picture.