Bill Cosby spokesperson Andrew Wyatt says the comedian is considering embarking on a comedy tour, having been released from prison, earlier this week, after a controversial decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Cosby's indecent assault conviction was overturned on the technicality that a prior prosecutor reached an agreement with Cosby that would have prevented him from being criminally charged in the case.

Wyatt told The Philadelphia Inquirer that the comedian has “been talking to a number of promoters and comedy club owners” and “is just excited the way the world is welcoming him back.”

Bill Cosby, Tour
Mark Makela / Getty Images

“A number of promoters have called. Comedy club owners have called. People want to see him," Wyatt also told Inside Edition.

As for when Cosby could be expected to hit the stage, Wyatt told Fox News that "he wants to get back on stage sooner or later."

Cosby was released from prison on Wednesday after serving two years of a three-to-10-year sentence.

He called into WDAS 105.3 FM, on his first day out, to comment on the court's decision.

"This is not just a Black thing," Cosby said. "This is for all the people who have been imprisoned wrongfully regardless of race, color or creed. Because I met them in there — people who talked about what happened and what they did. And I know there are many liars out there, but hese people can't get lawyers."