There have been many questions about how the prison system will be able to facilitate inmates and provide them with sanitary facilities while trying to slow down the spread of coronavirus. However, many inmates have been fighting to be released on home confinement. We've seen 6ix9ine successfully be released from prison and Billy McFarland has pled with the government to receive similar treatment. 

 Mark Makela/Getty Images

Bill Cosby, however, isn't seeing any success in his attempts to get out of prison. Andrew V. Wyatt, Cosby's spokesperson, issues a statement to NBC News saying that his client would not be able to survive coronavirus if he were to contract the virus from behind bars. Cosby's not only 82-years-old, making him part of the vulnerable group susceptible to dying from the virus, but he also has pre-existing conditions. The embattled comedian takes medication for high blood pressure, has partially blocked arteries, suffers from glaucoma, and recently underwent two major surgeries to prevent cardiovascular failure.

"We are asking Governor Wolf to amend his executive order and grant Mr. Cosby Compassionate Relief based on his current medical status," Wyatt said. "Mr. Cosby was not given a life sentence nor a death sentence."

Gov. Wolf previously ordered to have certain inmates transferred to home confinement or other correctional facilities, though Cosby was not among those on the list.