Whether he's calling himself a "political prisoner" to spark sympathy or trying to get an early release due to the coronavirus pandemic, Bill Cosby is definitely not taking his prison sentence lightly. Actually, the disgraced television dad is continuing his efforts towards freedom by filing a new appeal in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

Bill Cosby New Appeal Unfair trial
Image: Mark Makela/Getty Images

Page Six reports that Cosby's attorneys filed the court docs on Tuesday (August 11), citing that his trial was unfair due to the fact that five accusers were able to give testimonies that were "decades-old" and expected to be admissible. As a result, Cosby feels like the jury showed prejudice against him. His team also made claims that it was unfair to include an old deposition from another civil suit that revolved around his "use of quaaludes and his sexual behavior" when it came to allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting women against their will.

So far, Bill Cosby has only served two out of his three- to 10-year sentence. Given the fact that he was already determined to be a "Sexually Violent Predator" when he tried to get out earlier this year, we highly doubt things will work out for him the way he thinks it'll go. 

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